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Just wanted to say thanks Eon for the beautiful print of the starlings over Brighton Pier. You were so helpful and communicative (even though I was ordering from Australia!) and your photo is perfect. My mum loved her Christmas present! Hope you have a happy new year.


Hi Eon, it's Stacey from the shops on Azura. Promised you I wild look through your site so here I am. Cool pics, I like them alot! Take care.
Stacey Molnar


good photos i like them all


Hey Eon,good pictures. May order a couple for museum up here in thenorth. They havea pucara from pebble island. is it really 30 yrs.sometimes like yesterday. Best wishes.
Gary Bancroft


Hi Eon,

Great pictures mate! Especially liked the snowy one at gatwick with the 4x4. I'll hopefully see you at some events in the summer, war and peace etc. Until then, great work keep it up.

Alex McDowell

Website and Photos

Good effort Eon. Hope to see you at some SAMA events. Are you going to Crumlin (Wales)for the SAMA Caravan / camping / bikers bash with the Patriots at Denzils Pub and field on Late May Bank Holiday in aid of the Falklands memorial fund for the Arboretum in 2012?
Joe Erskine
SAMA (82) Trustee
Joe Erskine

The website

Hey Eon,

Great site and very well presented! Any pictures of the bike?? Hope your doing ok....

Best wishes.

Ben mearing

your gallery

Hi Eon
Love your pictures all well taken and presented. Got to your site via RBA(93) I am Membership Sec.
Keep up the good work.
Peter Chatfield

your web site

Hi just found your site looking good nice pics of you and my brother in scotland all the best for the new year John
John Keenan



Nice meeting (and working) with you today despite the cold weather!
Would like to keep in touch over the photography. I know you use Canon but you may be interested in the Nikon Solutions show in London on Dec 9th/10th, I hope to attend on the 9th
Like your web site - you have some great images

Best Wishes

Richard Griffith


Hello, Really liked your style. Nice page!
Thanx -

Your Pics

Loving all the pictures they are really good!!!!

keep it up eon :)
Bridie Hawkins


Eon, many thanks for your message on my site, really appreciate your time.

Would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your site and also the fine work you have displayed here. Great stuff and keep it up

David Constable

Great Pics

Hiya Eon,
Very good pictures and a great site you have here ! Seems like your a pretty good photographer after all.

Ive got a couple of photos that ive taken of my dads toco toucan, maybe you should have a look sometime.

Dan Vaughan

Your web site

A very nice site Eon.

Interesting photos of the Falklands though brings back sad memories.

David Cox

Hello from the Enchantment of the Seas

Hello Eon,
Nice site, what ship were you on in the Falklands all those years ago. Glad you enjoy the fun I send out, yours also gets sent on. As it is Christmas Eve, Seasons Greetings


thanks robert the ship was HMS Glamorgan and season greetings to you wherever you are

Robert Lawrence

Viewed your site

Hello Eon
I enjoyed viewing your pictures and cards on your website very nice selection of pictures it really showcases your versatility in your ability to take great photos. Need someone like yourself in Canada to photograph my completed interiors.

British Columbia, Canada
Kimberly and Shandy Stowe


Nice photos mate, very impressive. Give me a bell next time you're "on my patch!!!"

Andy Matthews

photos of falklands

hi eon. i have looked around your site i really like the photos of the falklands, it was nice to see what it looks like although a little bit sad. look forward to seeing you in june.
Regards Jean Stroud-Mort
jean Stroud- mort

nice pics

very nice site. Love the pic of the loving couple, reminds me of my wedding!

website and cards

Hi Eon,
Allan bevan sent me you web page. Nice site.
Do you do the cards or your wife.


Thanks for that Bill the wife does the cards
Bill Hodges


looking good Eon, nice varied selection of images.
Joe Doyle


Have just looked through all the photos taken think they are really great, website looks fab well done.
Mrs M Keywood